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Aalborg Kulturskole needs your help!

We, at Aalborg Kulturskole would like to know more about earlier students’ experiences attending our courses, and we would therefore like to invite you to participate in this survey. Your participation will be anonymous.

The survey has 12 questions and will take 3-5 minutes to complete.

The survey can be answered by the student, the student’s parents or together, as long as the answers are based on the student’s perspective.

If you have more than one child who attended Kulturskolen, you will most likely have received this email more than once. We would appreciate if you took the time to answer all survey invitations, because we value every student’s experiences.

To answer the survey, please go back to your email invitation and press the blue button. You can select the survey on English, if you press the button which says “Sprog” on the beginning page of the survey.